How are mats/rugs different from carpet?

How are mats/rugs different from carpet?

Most people get confused between mat, rug, and carpet. And it seems to be a never-changing scenario. Well! We hope this article will help you to understand the primary difference between the three of them.

Let’s dive into the details of rugs, mats, and carpets:


As compared to the carpet, the size of the rug is small and used as a covering on the floor. Also, it is a thick and heavy floor covering. As the rugs are small, they do not cover the complete floor area and are not attached to the floor. But the plus point is they are portable. So you can shift the rug, room to room as per your choice. Likewise, you can pick the custom logo rugs option and personalize the rugs you desire.

Additionally, several rugs are available. According to your favorite color, pattern, and shape, you can pick your favorite one. The most common patterns available in the market are square, round, rectangular, and oval. Even the rugs are a fusion of materials such as wool, plastic, and polyester. Overall, rugs set the beauty standard and need very little maintenance.


Out of the three mentioned here, this is the smallest one. However, some come in large sizes as well. Generally, mats are kept in the entrance to remove a scrap of the soles of the shoes. This way, germs won’t enter your house and keep your floor clean.

Mainly, there are two types of mats – 1) Commercial mats and 2) Entrance mats.

  • Commercial mats

Commercial mats are the hard ones and are specially designed for office use as many people come and go in the office. So keeping a sturdy mat is the call of the office.

  • Entrance mats

 An entrance mat comes with an exceptional base layer that keeps it in the same position. Further, cleaning it is a simple process. You can wash it in the commercial washing machine or by hose at your convenience. The foremost use of an entrance mat is trapping. It traps everything, whether it is dirt, debris, water, or snow. It keeps all the trash away from your business premises.


Carpets are attached to the wall to protect the main floor from damage. It lasts for 15 to 20 years, depends upon the quality of the carpets you purchase. Also, carpet installation needs professional help. Several carpets are obtainable in the market, such as rolls, in tiles, and commercial-grade.

Carpets are generally placed in the living room. Furthermore you can keep it anywhere you desire. But before selecting the carpet design or color, make sure it is relevant to your home design and color. Otherwise, it won’t look good, and your spending goes into vain.

Bottom line

So, you must understand that carpets, rugs, and mats are different and should not be interchangeable. Next time, when you go shopping for any of them, you should know the item you want to buy. Still, there are chances that you’ll get confused. In this time, take the help of the professionals that know everything about mats, rugs, and carpets.


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