Be Safe from COVID-19 By Staying Away from These Myths

Be Safe from COVID-19 By Staying Away from These Myths

World Health Organization (WHO) had already warned about the seriousness of COVID-19, when it started spreading in countries like China, however most of the Americans just ignored the warning and did not take it seriously.

Today, the consequences of neglecting the warning given by WHO is before us and whole of America is facing death at alarming rate every day. As per the data available, more than 560,000 people are affected by this virus and 5% of them are already dead.

Though people have started wearing KN95 masks but few myths that have been circulating in the country and people need to come out of it, if they want to fight against this deadly virus and be safe.

  • COVID-19 is nothing but another flu

People usually considered in the beginning COVID-19 is like an ordinary flu, where almost similar symptoms are shown by the affected people. However, the fact is that, we have proper vaccine available for flu.

COVID-19, is not just a flu but it is something more than that, as we can see that the rate of death due to this, is quite alarming. So, we have to take more precaution against COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 can only affect aged people

Initially, it was believed that only aged people will be affected due to COVID-19, but recent cases we have found that even young are vulnerable to this virus. So, people of all ages need to be very cautious and keep themselves safe.

It has been found that any person can be carrier of this virus and transmit it to others and hence it is extremely important to maintain social distance.

  • We need only vaccine as nothing can be done

So far, no vaccination has been found and it will take much more time to discover as lots of trials will be needed. However, doctors can treat this disease with proper medications and about 7 to 8 per cent people have already been recovered.

So, all that we can do is help ourselves by maintaining social distance and avoid crowd.

  • It is man-made virus

Ever since COVID-19 started spreading all over the world, many new theories are being circulated in social media and people are claiming that this is some kind of biological weapon that has leaked out.

Nothing can be confirmed about this misinformation as there is no government statement available and it is better not to believe in this myth.

  • Government and also scientists are not telling real facts about COVID-19

Lots of distrust has been developed on organizations like WHO and CDC and all these rumors may jeopardize the chances of present president’s reelection too.

All such misinformation is gaining ground as nothing has been refuted by the Government as well as by the scientist community.

Best thing to remain safe would be avoid believing in all these myths but remain isolated from crowd and maintain social distance from people. One should regularly wash their hands and use face masks. Also, one must avoid touching their own face.


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