How to Leave an Imprint of Love for Loved Ones

How to Leave an Imprint of Love for Loved Ones

There are so many ways to express your affections to your loved ones. And depending on the occasion, it can vary from flowers to cards to gifts, or it can include all of them. A unique way to show your love to your friends and family is through positive messaging on jewelry that can be worn occasionally or all day: a ring! Move over sappy cards and make room for Christian cross rings!


Most men’s preference for thicker helps to include longer, more personalized messaging or ornate designs on Christian cross rings. Have a message printed on the outside for him to read, then include something more sentimental inside that he can go back to read when he’s needing a spiritual or emotional lift. But if he prefers something with a simpler design, you can get him a ring with just a cross on it, so he has a daily reminder of two things that will never change: your love and Christ’s love.


Show mom you love her with a ring that she’ll cherish forever. Every mom loves to receive special gifts that remind her of her children’s love, so a ring with her kids’ names or a special message just for her engraved on the ring will be a daily reminder of your unconditional love for her. In addition to engraved messages, you can also add a bit of bling with cubic zirconia, her birthstone, or a combination of her kids’ birthstones. Moms love that!

Sister or Daughter

Most ladies, at any age, love receiving jewelry, which makes choosing a Christian cross ring a great gift because you just can’t go wrong with what you pick. Depending on her personality, you can choose something feminine with a soft touch and short message, or you can go with something simple yet boasts a confident and bold statement. And for the younger lady in your life, a purity ring is an extra special gift that will remind her every day that Jesus is enough in her life, and that waiting for her future husband is okay no matter her age and the wait.

Brother or Son

Much like dads, sons, regardless of age, love the thicker bands and simple designs when it comes to Christian cross rings. While they may not wear jewelry as often, gifting a ring with a special message or a favorite Bible verse is still appreciated and a good reminder of your and God’s unconditional love for him.

Other Special People

And finally, don’t forget about the other special people who are constants in your world who have done life with you in unconditional ways, like grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, best friends, or even teachers who have been encouraging to you. Engrave a personal message or share your favorite verse on a Christian cross ring with them to remind them that their love is appreciated every day.


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