Hair Accessories to Try This Summer

Hair Accessories to Try This Summer

Summer isn’t just the season for road trips and quick stops at the beach. It’s also the time to perk up your look with some cool and chic accessories. Flaunt your Bohyme hair with confidence while wearing the following fashion add-ons:

Clip-On Bow

If you’re going for a sweet and girly aesthetic, the classic bow clip is the perfect finishing touch for your hairdo. You can place them under or on top of a bun, or on the side of your head to hold your gorgeous tresses back.

Yoga Headband

Summer is the best time to get your fit on. And, yoga headbands are perfect for those going for a sporty look. What’s good about this accessory is it hides your greasy roots if you haven’t washed your extensions for, say, five days. Don’t worry – no one will know your secret!


Summer can get very hot, so you may want to wear an updo to last through those sticky months. Keep your tresses off your neck and away from your face by pulling your weave up a bit and wrapping a nice silk scarf around your head. It’s a simple, effortless way to be elegantly stylish for the season.

Chain Headpiece

Dangling accessories and Boho style clothing have been a Coachella staple in the past years. So, if you’re planning to attend a music festival this summer, grab a chain headpiece to complete your look. It’ll reflect your free-spirited nature as it sways along with your hair with every dance move.

Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are the ultimate spring or summer hair accessory, so you don’t want to miss out on wearing them this season! It adds an ethereal touch to your celebratory dress or everyday wear, making you feel one with nature. You just have to choose the right kind of blossom to go with your outfit.

Bobby Pins

Of course – the good old bobby pins won’t be crossed off the list. Though they’re a classic, you can use them to create a stylish, up-to-date look. The secret is to arrange them into interesting patterns, such as the chevron shape and geometric forms.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hairstyles and accessories even if you’re wearing Bohyme Gold extensions. Summer is yours for the taking!


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