Everything You Should Know About The Origin Of Alcoholic Beverages

Everything You Should Know About The Origin Of Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol beverages are formed due to the fermentation process. It can occur in any food that contains sugar such as grapes, berries, honey, and grains. When these products are exposed in air, then yeast present in it converts into carbon dioxide and alcohol.

This is how alcohol was manufactured in earlier days. From gathering the wild-cultivating raw materials, farmers began to grow vine and other similar crops in the ancient days. Let us know more about the history of alcohol.

About Alcohol

Alcohol has been considered among the most ancient and highly used drugs since the olden days. Many societies were involved in making wines, and beers due to its importance in various regulations and customs that were made around its use, and production.

Alcohol became significant in social, as well as personal ceremonies that involved initiations, births, compacts, marriages, conclaves, feasts, magic rites, crowning, worship, medicine, war-making, hospitality, funerals, and peacemaking.

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What were the regulations related to alcohol consumption in the early days?

The sale, as well as manufacture of alcoholic beverages, was common in the olden days, and was regulated, and commercialized by government. The ancient code of laws, prescribed in regards to the consumption of alcohol was the “Code of Hammurabi of Babylonia (c. 1770 BCE)”. This law has been enacted to control drinking houses.

Sumerian pharmacists and physician-prescribed beer (c. 2100 BCE) in sophisticated pharmacopeias present on clay tablets.

Egyptian doctors in medical papyri (c. 1500 BCE), also included wine or beer in several prescriptions.

Semitic cuneiform works of the northern Canaanites also provides ample references regarding the universal household and religious uses of alcohol.

How does the use of alcohol start in religious ceremonies?

Water has always been the precious fluid that was used as an offering in religious ceremonies, and worship rites. Other than this, people also used to use honey, milk and even wine.

Alcohol since ancient times was not just used as the religions offering to the divine, but also as the drink. It was very surprising to know that the priest or shaman at that time used to consume alcohol to reach the desired stage of ecstasy and attain supernatural powers.

The red wine was extensively in religious works and was perceived as a symbol of the blood of life. However, it was seen that people who used to drink alcohol suffered from chronic illnesses in their life. Looking at the harmful impact of alcohol, the government also took measures to abandon its distribution and consumption.

How to stop alcohol abuse from negatively impacting life?

Couples therapy for addiction aims at helping alcohol-addicted couples to get rid of their substance abuse and lead a healthy life. It works by helping couples talk about their anger, resentment, insecurities, and sadness, with each other to deal with substance abuse.


As we have seen alcohol has been predominant since ancient times. It has destroyed several families. Rehab therapy for couples is an effective and safe means to solve the highly prevalent issue in this society.


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