4 Kinds of Curly Hair

4 Kinds of Curly Hair

Curly hair is fun and dynamic, making a person look amazing in any situation. It’s perfect for everything, whether it’s casual outings or formal occasions. Here are a few kinds:


A lot of people are blessed with this kind of hair. Their locks fall somewhere between straight and curly but lean towards the latter with its fine texture. They’re fun to style and can give you a playful, devil-may-care vibe. This is definitely what you want if you’re going for something casual.

Wavy hair has varying levels of definition and thickness, but it’s always best to use products, such as mousse and moisturizer, to keep it under control and really make it pop. This style also tends to fall prey to frizz and oiliness, so be sure to maintain your locks with conditioner.


Having ringlet curls is one of the best ways to take everyone’s breaths away. They’re reserved for special occasions and photo shoots; moments when you really want to stand out from the crowd. Even if you aren’t blessed with naturally tight curls, you can still style them in. There are different Bohyme hair extensions for that additional pop.

There are different ways to style ringlets. You can just keep them smooth and neat by starting the curls near your temple instead of on the top of your head. Or, use a flat iron. It won’t be as tight, but it’ll look more natural.


Spiral curls have a tight corkscrew pattern, starting directly at the roots. They’re perfect for photo shoots or weddings. But, they’re a bit harder to maintain than the other kinds, so you may require professional attention.

There are several ways to do this style if it doesn’t come to you naturally. You can have a professional do it using a small curling iron. Or, just buy hair extensions and clip them on. Whichever method you choose, the outcome will surely be stunning.


This hair type can range from soft and fine to wiry and coarse; it can have an even pattern or a zigzag texture. The curls give you all the volume you want, making it look fun and playful. And, you have a world of possibilities for styling.

Some people may think it’s unruly and rough, but that’s just part of its charm. Caring for them isn’t difficult as long as you keep the natural curl pattern intact. Use a generous amount of conditioner and moisturizing products. You can also ask a professional for techniques on how to manage it.

These are just a few curls you can use to style your hair. So, whether it’s natural or with a Bohyme Brazilian wave for that extra oomph, make sure you spend every moment looking fabulous.


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